About Us

“TuBroTICs” is an innovative ‘One Stop Solution’ provider to support requirements of majority of product segments related to Testing, Inspection, Training, Compliance & Certification. The Products segment consists of business lines that are focused on ensuring the quality and safety of man, machine, environment, process, physical components and end products by minimizing risk through innovative approach for variety of its clients.

TuBroTICs is a Collaboration organization with European Notified Body “CerTrust Inspection & Certification”. TuBro TICs is acting as Technical Associate & Authorized partner of CerTrust in India.

The world of number of national & international standards and regulations, accreditation, tests and certifications are not that simple. But they make life and business a lot more efficient and safer with proper guidance & right implementation. TuBro TICS provide all such solutions under one roof.

We offer innovative solutions for an analytical assessment, inspection, verification, validation, certifying solutions and technical services that are delivered to the customers through issuing certificates and/ compliance reports.

TuBroTICs also offer the customized solution for new product development & its compliance requirements with value addition & economical solution from design stage to final version of the product.

The Company offers multi-directional services & unique solutions in various business fields like industrial services, mobility, life care, education, information technology, instrumentation, electrical & electronic, mechanical and consultation services.

The company is founded by two technocrat brothers Mahesh Dave & Chandresh Dave having very rich & versatile Technical background in TIC (Testing, Inspection & Certification) market segment.


Global Partnership:

TuBroTICs is a Technical Associate & Authorized Representative of European Notified Body "CerTrust Inspection & Certification" located at Budapest, Hungary.

Global Partnership:

TuBro TICs is a Solution Partner of an Innovative Award Winner European Company "LabShare" located at Budapest, Hungary.

With this partnership, TuBroTICs & LabShare provides an online marketplace platform that aims to boost the international collaboration of laboratories, manufacturers and engineering centers with a focus on the electrical/electronic and mobility industry: automotive, aerospace, railway industry and consumer goods.